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You are the most delicious food in the world (elite food in the industry)
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You are the most delicious food in the world (elite food in the industry)
Cheng Yu lit a cigarette and looked at Ye Jia. His expression was a little complicated: "Other chefs and famous chefs are hiding all their skills. How can you be a girl who is not afraid to start a class and accept apprentices? Aren't you afraid to teach apprentices to starve to death?" Ye Jia waved his hand cheerfully: "How could the chef starve himself to death?" "Well, you don't know what I mean." "I know what you mean. You are afraid that if I teach others, you will lose your job." "Yes!" "Not afraid, my father also received a lot of apprentices, some have become first-class chefs very early, but the food industry, or only one Ye Zefu." Ye Jia looked at Cheng Yu. "Do you understand?" Cheng Yu nodded: "You mean, there are some things that others can't learn." "That's right!" Ye Jiaxiao. Ye Zefu's persistence in extreme delicacy can not be learned by others, and the spirit and value position of food culture he adheres to can not be learned by others. As for craftsmanship, these external, Ye Jia is not very concerned about. Now that her attitude and position have been shown, how can she not earn money? Cheng Yu immediately said that the next goal is to open a chain of Hunan restaurants in Zhiweixuan. Now that Ye Jia and Cheng Yu have worked together to make this plan, they simply save the profits earned in the store, except for the daily expenses and rent, to make plans for the chain store. - As for Ye Jia's behavior of catching up with him,Lamella Plate Settler, Fu Zhiyan was very depressed recently. Counting the days, how long had he not eaten the food she cooked? One month? It's been at least a month and a half. The last message she sent to him on Wechat was a week ago. In the office, he was holding the file, but he couldn't read it. The pen in his hand turned round and round, his eyes moved out of the window clearly and shallowly, and he began to be distracted. Sure enough,rapid sand filters, it was because he was too young. He asked himself that he had shown the greatest sincerity to maintain this relationship with her and treat her well enough. He must remember to buy her a gift on the day of salary every month, but he could still clearly feel that Ye Jia was perfunctory and indifferent. Heaven and earth conscience, because the Hunan restaurant is about to open, Ye Jia swears that she is really so busy that she wishes she could break into two parts. You can't have both a career and a male God. In Fu Zhiyan's delicate mind, the reflection of nine twists and eighteen bends has been going on for several days. Are you finally bored with him? The frustration of being dumped after catching up with him is comparable to impotence. T T When Duan Xiaojun and Mu Chen got off work, they found that Fu Zhiyan's office was still lit up, so they stopped. "Captain Fu, why don't you go?" He said casually. Fu Zhiyan raised his head from the pile of files with a resentful look on his face: "Who allowed you to leave so early?" “……” "Stay and work overtime." The two men returned to the duty room with black lines on their faces. Mu Chen stepped on Duan Xiaojun one foot: "Want you to be talkative, do not know the old man that does not have nightlife, terrible degree S class?" At ten o'clock in the evening, disc air diffuser ,Wall Penstocks, three men who worked overtime appeared in the food stall shop, Fu Zhiyan invited guests to drink beer at night, Duan Xiaojun and Mu Chen could only sacrifice their lives to accompany the gentleman, who let him be the boss. "Little girls these days have a 3-minute passion?" After three rounds of drinking, Fu Zhiyan finally broke the stuffy oil bottle and began to talk. When she was chasing me, she wanted to be a sandbag and tie me up all day long. She would send me food and drink every three or five times. She also went to the playground to run circles. I ignored her, and she cried for me. Now, as a man, I can't be anxious with her. Holding chopsticks in his hand, Fu Zhiyan knocked on the edge of the wine glass. His eyes were bleary with drunkenness. He pointed to Mu Chen and Duan Xiaojun, who were already stunned, and murmured, "You two give me a case analysis." Duan Xiaojun whispered in Mu Chen's ear: "The eldest brother is drunk, and the painting style is so weird!" Mu Chen can understand Fu Zhiyan's mood very much. He took a sip of beer glass and then asked: "Boss, ask a personal question. You two have been together for nearly half a year. Really no …" Have you done it? Chapter 41 Wipe the gun and fire. Duan Xiaojun giggled and covered his mouth with a titter. Mu Chen gave him a push: "Don't make trouble." Fu Zhiyan's face was pure: "What?" "Don't pretend.".
"Duan Xiaojun finally couldn't help but say bluntly:" Jia Ye should … It's pretty good! Fu Zhiyan's face was drunk, but now his face was even redder. He was silent for a moment and shook his head. Mu Chen was stunned: "It's been so long. Haven't you really touched it?" "No." Fu Zhiyan took a sip of beer, a face of course, the wedding night to open the mysterious ceremony, how can so early overstep? I'll go! Boss, you. That's innocent enough! Duan Xiaojun sighed: "What age is this?" "No matter what age, it is love and respect for girls." Fu Zhiyan insisted on his conservative position for a hundred years. Boss, can you hold it? Fu Zhiyan nodded firmly: "We must hold back." "So what are you doing together?" Duan Xiaojun asked again curiously. Go shopping, take a walk, see the scenery, watch her cook, she watches me eat. Duan Xiaojun shook his head: "Boring." Hey, Fu Zhiyan also felt bored. Mu Chen gave a clear smile and said, "That's the problem. You stand still here like Mount Tai. People don't know how anxious the small bridges and flowing water are."! I'm in a hurry, but I won't talk to you. "What do you mean?" Fu Zhiyan doesn't understand. Ye Jia that wench, we have also played a lot of dealings, a belly of bad water. Mu Chen picked up a peanut and threw it into his mouth. "You put it here to'love 'her. Who knows whether she appreciates it or not?" This time Fu Zhiyan understood, calm face, thought for a long time, Duan Xiaojun and Mu Chen looked at him expectantly. After a long silence, he looked up and said uncertainly,multi disc screw press, "Then I …" Try "Of course!" Come on, boss, drink more! Wine strengthens the courage of a coward! The two men began to pour wine into Fu Zhiyan again. -。
11-08-2022 05:38 PM
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