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Basic rules
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Basic rules
Presentation of programs

Each program can only be submitted by a person not allowed to duplicate topics, only the person submitting the program
can offer some kind of incentive, bonus, reward, team build, chain ...
When a program can only put the title in this way without writing anything more ...
example: site name -
Our official language is English and all programs must be submitted in this language.
The programs must be submitted with complete information, the available plans, minimum investment, minimum amount
to request a payment, commission referral, options of payment accepted ....


You may post up to 400 characters of text using a font size 3 or under. This includes a maximum of 3 URLs,
but no more than 5 lines total which includes any spaces or blank lines. The text lines may not wrap onto the next line.


1. http ://
2. [space]
3. http ://
4. [space]
5. http ://


1. http ://
2. http ://
3. http ://

In addition to the above, ONE banner 468x60 may be posted in your signature if you have an 500 posts.

If you want to add a banner then are only allowed 2 URLs in 3 lines total which includes any spaces or blank lines and the banner below


1. http :/ /
2. [space]
3. http :/ /
     Banner here


1. http :/ /
2. http :/ /
     Banner here


Spam is not allowed threads placing links on other people or by Private Message, not opening threads with the sole purpose of
getting referrals without update or submit receipts, these threads will be trashed or transferred to another person within the same
program and want to take charge of him.


Standards of Behavior

Just behave with education and respect.

[Image: 468x60v2.png]
Invest only what you can afford to lose,diversify their capital
from 3 to 5 sites minimum and
never forget that they are High-risk investments
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