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We are one of the leading Renewable energy solutions providers in these countries like uk,africa,austria,south america etc.founded in 1996 we setup a strong base in united kingdom and expanded into the international market in 2004 with our first order to USA. today we are accros 5 countries which was already mentioned above with our two decades of operational track record we have established. Acumulative installation of approximately 7.4 GW of wind energy capactity globally,including arround 4.40 GW in UK itself. Over 2200 employs of diverse nationalities. 10 wordclass manufacturing facilities accross the world,with 8 being in united kingdom.In-house resarch and devlopment (R&D) set-up in germany.most comprehensive product portfolio in the industry pioneered 'Conecpt to Commissioning' model for end-to-end solutions. Elantra6 provides an all-encompassing solution to wind-energy products in the form of wind turbines that are infused with state-of-the-art technology from their blades, nacelle, towers and foundations. Elantra6's multi-dimensional approach to value engineering and cost reduction provides better margins and a competitive advantage to its customers thereby being able to provide and sustain the very best in renewable energy solutions while maintaining an eco-friendly approach. A full spectrum of services that ranges from feasibility studies to complete life cycle asset management.A place in the categeory in the leading OEMs.We have also forayed into the solar as an EPC Player with many projects already in the pipelines. Our power generation group headquatered at UK.

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Added: Sep 7th, 2016 Monitored: 154 days
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  • 2.6 % Daily for 80 Days ,4.5 % Daily for 40 Days.

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